Coat woman, teacher, school staff cotton nursery clothes work long sleeve

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shirts women's the classic print with a pocket on the chest and two on the sides, closed with a fastening central
long pattern , long sleeve
no.b: in the photo will not show through but the gowns are all or righino or square, thin-made in italy
Washing instructions::
you can wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees or cold without wring and leave to dry hanging garments and then stirarlo
Workers sometimes wear uniforms that them to identify themselves as belonging to a specific company.
for example, this is often the case for employees in banks, schools, post offices, airlines, employees of hotels and restaurants.
the use of uniforms by private companies is generally aimed at giving a unified image, the standard of the same.
some jobs require the use of uniforms, special, for practical purposes, safety or security


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