Detector professional micro-spies light environmental lights bugs

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Detector professional micro-spies light environmental lights bugs

Large LCD display with backlight low Battery Indicator Storage reading and memory Setting menu signal strength Indicator Battery Rechargeable lithium frequency Range(dual range) : 10hz - 50MHz / 1Mhz-2.6 Ghz Impedance range of 1 : 1 Mega-Ohm Impedance range 2 : 50 Ohms VSWR : < 2:1 Sensitivity : <5mV@100mW - <5mV@400Mhz - <15mV@1Ghz Gate range 1 : 1 sec/ 0.1 sec/ 0.01 sec/ 10 sec Gate range 2: 0.64 s/ 0.064 s / 0.64 m sec / 6.4 sec Time Base : <+/- 5ppm LSD range 1 : 0.1 Hz (10 sec LSD range : 10Hz 6.4 sec Battery : 1 x 16340 LITHIUM-ION battery Power charging : 5vdc 1A Dimensions : 85 x 49.5 x 21.5 mm Model : IBQ101



After the distribution in italy in quantity, but massive bugs micro, bugs, spy phones, here is a built-in HIGHLY professional DETECTOR light DIGITAL TO 2.6 GHZ, the absolute TOP at the moment for the category. Thanks to its unsurpassed sensitivity to detect the presence at a suitable distance of the micro-spies GSM , SPY WIRELESS, SPY, FM, CAMERA, HIDDEN, almost EVERYTHING!! suitable for professional use! with range 50 MHz to 2.6 GHz. Transmitters Radio Frequency: bugs, wireless microphones, transmitters, FM, AM, Digital, GSM IR: transmitters, microphones, laser Waves Conveyed: bugs in the sockets, transmissions through the electrical cables Telephone Lines: bugs radio installed in series or in parallel, infinity, recorders, phone even outside the house The microprocessor guarantees excellent performance and good sensitivity. Power is supplied by built-in battery

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