Downlight slim round 12w power supply with led beacon light

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Downlight slim round 12w power supply with led beacon light

Features spotlight 3 LED 3W: power Consumption: 3W Power: 25W approx external Diameter: 9cm hole Diameter : 7.5 cm Features spotlight 6 LED 6W power Consumption: 6W Power: 60W approx external Diameter: 12cm hole Diameter : 10.5 cm Features spotlight 12 LED 12W: power Consumption: 12W Power: 100W approx) hole Diameter : 15.5 cm outer Diameter 17cm Features spotlight 18 LED 18W: power Consumption: 18W Power: 140W approx external Diameter: 22cm HOLE Diameter : 20.5 cm Features LED spotlight 24 W: power Consumption: 24W Power: 160W approx outer Diameter: 25cm Diameter ROUND internal 22,70 cm ROUND outer Diameter: 29,90 SQUARE cm inner Diameter 27,70 SQUARE cm The package contains: No. 1 Spotlight LED, spring-No. 1 LED DRIVERS THE SPOTLIGHT AND the' SAY the COLOUR WHITE


Lighthouse led slim model 12w round complete with power supply 220v. Excellent spotlight from the elegance and utility are unique, it has a strong light and intense, as expressed by the LED, hyper-bright. Important feature of this product and its thickness ultra slim, only 15 mm to adapt to any type of soppalcatura or ceiling, through the spring system, which guarantees a simple installation, fast and effective, without having to make any holes for the screws. The modern design adapt to every type of environment and decor, suitable for home,clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs, resorts, commercial and much more. The color of the light and the warm white, it is powered by a current classic network 220V (classical home network) without the need of a transformer or power supply, has the LED DRIVER to function correctly and to have a perfect lighting to the maximum power. The spotlight has a circular shape and the color of the entire structure white. Finally, the LED technology allows for greater longevity, because it decreases the deterioration of the integer parts of the product in question. The angle of the emission lights and 150°. Luminous flux 75-100lm per watt.

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