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Football table, foosball table, telescopic rods game bar game room soccer soccer

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Table football professional competition.
The cabinet is made of sturdy plywood, 30 mm thickness, coated with formica.
Sturdy metal legs painted with epoxy powder from 10x10 cm., with traverse steel reinforcement to the external closure, adjustable feet that allow to level the playing field and increase the stability of the legs.
Install game plan in tempered glass series.
Plan the game with a double bubble level horizontally and vertically to get a perfect levelling of the field of race phase of the game.
Install telescopic rods.

With The purchase of this Football Table is provided in the Course Videos of Table Football with the Italian champion and world vice-champion Massimo Caruso.

Data Sheet

Accessories 10 balls, 2 marker.
Warranty 8 years
Delivery 3
Weight 80 Kg
Length 150 cm
Width 79 cm
Height 89 cm
Diameter Rods 16 mm
Material Auctions Steel rods double chrome plated
Knobs Soft rubber
Material Field Game Playing field in tempered glass, anti-reflective, glass thickness 5 mm
Corners Field Game The perimeter and corners of a raised chute in ABS.
Material Mobile Rugged wood cabinet plywood. Exterior ant.
Legs Material Metal legs painted with epoxy powder
Adjustable Feet 4 feet adjustable independently of one another, a new concept, allow you to level the playing field and increase the stability of the legs
Balls 10
Recovery Balls Comfortable retrieving balls from 2 portholes placed at the side of the player
Thick Rods 2 mm
Thickness Mobile 30 mm
Type Of Auctions Telescopic rods / under
Shock Absorber Rods Springs PRO Steel Dually chrome
Mounting Table The mounting of the table is very simple and does not require professional installers. The table is provided with manual of installation instructions, accompanied by related images. All of the keys and bolts necessary for the assembly are supplied with the table.

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