Gift box man watch, pen, wallet, and belt set degree

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Gift box consisting of watch, pen, wallet, and belt in a elegant box with egyptian motifs DESCRIPTION Precious jewellery gift idea men composed by pen with cap-silver wallet fabric soft and comfortable, belt with buckle and silver watch dial with clear strap and, all in sought after fantasy brown chess. CURIOSITY' A belt or strap or wall is a flexible strip generally made of leather, fabric or woven fibers that leads you around the waist. The belt has the function of support for garments such as trousers and skirts, of the objects (sword, bag) or decorative. If very high it takes the name of the belt. Its name comes from the Latin word cingulum, which pointed to the belt, the civil, the military was called balteus. Its origins are to be traced back to the prehistoric times, were found the remains of belts and metal to the bronze age. In ancient times it served to distinguish the degree of military, religious or civil. snags. .