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Hoof health, non-slip ultra-light professional in EVA cross-linked

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Reposa LIGHT SHOCK is the socket work, light serves as a versatile, ultracomodo! It is made of EVA cross-linked: the ideal for who works always in motion, whether in the health sector, kitchens, professional cleaning. This shoe type socket weighs only 190 grams, the average for the pair. Features a upper. with the top closed, to prevent leakage of organic substances, and potentially harmful for the user (important feature, for example, those who work in the hospital or comes in contact with irritating substances for cleaning) but is equipped with side windows, that allow for the aeration of the foot in complete safety. It is designed for the optimum absorption of kinetic energy in the heel area, has anatomical footbed and strap flap with safety latch tested, Slip-resistant outsole SRC gusset antistatic for the discharge of electrostatic charges. Housing for removable sockliner. Everything you always wanted to be a shoe work designed to be versatile, which you fall in love with both the cook and the doctor! EN ISO 20347:2012 OB A E SRC

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