Kit, 8 parking sensors with led display, acoustic sound control unit black

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Kit, 8 parking sensors with led display, acoustic sound control unit black





KIT, 8 PARKING SENSORS WITH LED DISPLAY+SOUND, SOUND CONTROLLER BLACK PHOTOS INDICATIVE only BECAUSE The AESTHETICS OF the UNIT AND OF the DISPLAY MAY VARY ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY OF TIME Kit 8 sensors car parking, which when applied to your vehicle (car, rv, suvs, vans), you will perform maneuvers without any difficulty, even in confined spaces, with obstacles not visible and in weather conditions of poor visibility. if there are obstacles and/or if you are "too close" to you, protecting you from damage more or less expensive to your vehicle.


Technical characteristics: 12 Volts POWER CONSUMPTION: 2 WATTS MAX WORKING TEMPERATURE: -20° / +70° BEEPER DISPLAY: 70 db MINI COLOR DISPLAY :NUMERICAL LED + TONE FREQUENCY: 1 / 7 HZ DIAMETER of SENSOR: 22mm RANGE COVER: 40 CM - 180 CM The package contains: No. 8 sensors parking No. 1 control Unit for the sensors No. 1 Display Wiring required No. 1 Tip for the drill to mount The display that is equipped with led, it will aid in the understanding, regardless of the position in which you are.


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