Medidor digital medidor de distancia con puntero láser pantalla lcd

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Medidor digital medidor de distancia con puntero láser pantalla lcd






IMETRO DIGITAL DISTANCE METER WITH LASER POINTER CP-3007 LCD DISPLAY Product specific to the real estate operators, and/or construction, but also for those with "diy" are able to do jobs in the house to your own taste. It is the perfect tool to quickly measure or know the area of a room, with "Ultrasonic", you'll be able to measure distances in a straight line from 0.91 m to 15 meters.

The package contains: No. 1 Mini ultrasonic distance meter; No. 1 instruction Sheet in English.


The range finder transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to measure and quickly calculating the time taken by the waves to be reflected from the target surface, it transcribes the distance of these screens measured in meters and feet. Equipped with laser pointer to precisely locate point to be measured and acoustic signals that indicate if the measurement is out of range. There is also the option with three memories separate, which record the data of height, length and width .Calculation of area or volume that you want. Backlit Display.


Specifications: Color: yellow With laser pointing the Button with function Feet / Meters LCD Screen on a bright background Auto stop: switches off if you do not press any key for 4 min. Memory: allows you to measure and store 3 different measures Calculation of surfaces and volumes. Addition and subtraction function: allows you to add or subtract two measurements. Cancellation of the memory function: allows you to delete all stored measurements. Correction of errors: the distance meter indicates that the distance measured is either too long or short. Power supply: 1 x 9V alkaline battery type 6LR61 (not included) Accuracy: + / -0,5% Frequency: 40 kHz (pick-up with ultrasound) operating Temperature: 0OC ~ 43OC Range: 0.91 m to 15m Dimensions (H-P-l): 142 x 73 x 47mm Weight (without battery): 144.6 g laser Beam: 1mW Wattage (mW = milliwatt) wavelength: 650nm (nm = nanometer)


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