Mini digital recorder usb 8 gb voice and telephone spy vox microphone

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Mini recorder, with a storage space equal to more than 950 hours of recording! our gadgets ,has a option
VOICE ACTIVATION: once you have activated this function, the recorder each time to receive your old sounds in the arch of 5-6 mt
will start to record to the internal memory internal 8 gb. then go back into standbye
in waiting that has a sense of the other sounds in the environment,therefore excellent for a variety of functions... according to your necessitudini..
With this gadget, you can be assured that everything is recorded and, above all, without having to worry about the battery
download,the recorder has a range of really impressive, you can leave it to record without stop, with activation
voice! however on your return you will find all the files that you can safely transfer to the pc, via
the cable provided,of course, also useful as a mp3 player, wav... etc... in short, all seems to be a common
multimedia player and recorder..... and it also comes with an external microphone, obviously, not essential
because the recorder is already equipped with a built-in microphone.Works with 2 aaa not included in the package.

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