Parkas sniper ghillie sniper soft air airsoft mimicry Miltec woodland camo

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Ghillie PARKA sniper Sniper Soft Air

miltec woodland camouflage airsoft camo100%

polyester fire-Retardant treatment fire-resistant Including transport bags ideal for camouflage sniper one-size-fits-all elasticated










The ghillie suit is a camouflage suit mainly used by shooters chosen (English sniper), and is composed of jacket, pants, and headpiece covered completely by numerous bands of different colour and material which vary depending on the type of vegetation or environment in which you want to operate, resulting in very heavy and bulky. The main use is in the process of stalking allowing to blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment. It is often made with fine mesh in which each mesh of the network are related to the small skeins (cotton or jute) in various colours.
Very frequently the ghillie is made for the sniper rifle sharpshooter.
Is a type of accessory can be found easily in the shops of militaria specialized, but for the most part of cases the same shooter realizes his ghillie suit with his hands, putting into practice their knowledge of camouflage.
The ghillie is often created using old suits on which are sewn fringe color green. To create a ghillie, you must have a suit a single or two pieces, the fringe pattern in the green fabric, and, if you want to create with the network, it is recommended to use a highly textured in order to avoid entering insects.