Repeater amplifier 300 mbps wifi range extender 2 series

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"with swich wps"





100% brand new and high quality. Support the various WIFI shared the longer range. Improve wireless coverage in all WLAN networks WLAN 802.11 n (Draft 2.0) for high-speed wireless access downward compatible with 802.11 g (54Mbit / s) and 802.11 b (11Mbit / s) Support 2.4 WLAN GHz Maximum WLAN security with WPA2, WPA and WEP (128/64) Wizard-software for simple setup antennas integrated Size: 11cm x 6cm - 4.33 inch x 2.36 inch. Power supply unit: 100V-240V AC. Operating temperature: 0 ? ~ 40 ? (32 ? ~ 104 ?). Storage temperature: -40 ? ~ 70 ? (-40 ? ~ 158 ?). System requirements: WLAN access Point / client according to IEEE 802.11 n, g, b 110 ~ socket 230 volt The WLAN client must support at least the WPA encryption standard WLAN access Point and the WLAN client with automatic IP address (DHCP)


The device can operate in 2 ways: 1. Wireless repeater: source signal from the wireless router, and sending in wireless mode. 2. Access-point: source signal from the router via network cable and the sending out of wireless mode. To make the device work, first you need to connect the device from the computer (cable or wireless), select a work mode (repeater or AP), commissioning the setting for Wi-Fi access to the device. If you select the mode, wireless Repeater and the wireless router is WPS enabled, you can simply connect to the WiFi by pressing the WPS button (on the device). it automatically configures the network name (SSID) and the WPA key to access to the wireless network. Once the device has been configured to save and maintain the settings until you re-set it.


No. 1 wifi Repeater 1 Lan Cable 1 Remote control 1 Socket for current



Connect the repeater to a power outlet. Press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds, then release it. after about 2 ~ 3 seconds, the last 2 LED (WPS and LAN LED) will be on


(will be off after about 15s). this means that the repeater is rebooted, restore with success.
If the WPS & LAN LED does not light up then off, the repeater has not been reset. you need to do it again.

Description of the product

Access to the Internet for computers located on the edge or outside often the range of your access point. The connection to a media receiver you can use to receive television over the Internet. Support for Repeater mode and Wireless standard of AP, To have fun and increase their knowledge. The Repeater offers the opportunity to experience new worlds, because it allows your mobile devices to receive the Wi-Fi connection to a data-flow rate of 300 Mbps, with the possibility to connect a socket Fast Ethernet LAN to an additional terminal (smart TV, games consoles). The visual indicator and multi-level LED displays the power of the Wi-Fi signal at any time, so you always have everything at a glance! In addition, the sleek and compact design adapts to any environment and allows for a location flexible throughout the entire home, wherever there is an available electrical outlet. And then just plug it. Browse. And have fun. Come discover all the opportunities that offers the Wi-Fi. C Just plug it in, start surfing and have fun! Increases the coverage of the Wi-Fi network available, in a simple and fast Socket Fast Ethernet LAN integrated for an additional terminal (smart TV, console games, PC) visual Indicator, multi-layered power signal, directly on the appliance in a compact Design for a location flexible throughout the house Compatible with all Wi-Fi routers available in the market today, thanks to the 802.11 n standard

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