Spotlight path light led floor light interior of the outer path indicators crom

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Spotlight path light led floor light interior of the outer path indicators crom






Excellent LED spotlight recessed for places open or closed, perfect for lighting up your garden, driveways, interior rooms and to create trails. Aesthetically beautiful to look at, it feeds on 220V and through the technology LEDS have the highest efficiency and brightness with minimum energy consumption. The part that will be visible once it is installed, is formed from a ring-shaped rectangular metal frame with the central part semi-transparent for an expansion of light of the LEDS even more effective. The longevity is truly extraordinary, and stood at about 50,000 hours of life.


Technical features: Spotlight segnapassi Spotlight floor Spotlight, LED recessed rectangular Shaped Ring in metal alloy, the central Part semi-transparent for greater expansion of light integrated LED DRIVER Power supply: AC 220V Perfect for the inside and the outside, The package contains: No. 1 Spotlight path indicators LED SIZE: 17X 7 DEPTH 6 ONLY AVAILABLE in COOL WHITE 21 LED.The PVC body gives the product strength and toughness, making the spot the same height.


The first application of electric lighting was the arc lamps of Humphry Davy in 1813. The system was not particularly widespread and the first real useful application of electricity in the lighting field began only with the incandescent lamps, such as that proposed by Wilson Swan in 1878 and Thomas Edison in 1879. The latter, in particular, after having perfected and patented the invention of the first, is remembered as the inventor of the first system of electric lighting effective, consistent and reliable. Since then, the electric lighting had a huge spread thanks to progress of technologies in the field of electricity. The first public lighting system using filament lamps incandescent was implemented in New York in 1882, and in Italy in 1884, in Piazza Duomo and Piazza della Scala in Milan. Later, the system was perfected through the introduction of the tubes discharge in 1909 to the luminous signs (discharge lamp). Now you are developing the lighting through the led diodes, which have a high luminous efficiency.




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