Stabilized power supply switch trimmer 220v-12v 10a led surveillance

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Stabilized power supply switch trimmer 220V-12V 10A led cctv






Must have tool for those who are specialized in the professional work as a plant related to the video surveillance, cartellonistiche bright, plants for decoration, led lights and all the electrical applications that require high amperage, but that is particularly need a supply of energy continues.


General technical characteristics: input power: AC 180 / 240 Volt - 50 / 60 Hz output Current: DC 12 Volts, Max 10 Amps continuous Dimensions: (width.) 9.8 x (approx.) 19,8 x (alt.) 4.2 cm. The package contains: No. 1 stabilized power Supply 10 Amp.

With this stabilized power supply for professional use continuous, the bond strength and with a protection system to overload, because of the probable short-circuits and last but not least of importance, the excess fluctuation at high temperatures. It features a built-in output 12 Volt with 10 Ampere and trimmer for more precise adjustments.



The video surveillance was born in part analog, and its history is much shorter than that of the anti-intrusion systems, present in the history of man since ancient times in different forms and applications. The first experiment of CCTV is attributed to the German engineer Walter Bruch in 1942. The plant was built by Siemens AG in Peenemunde on the ramp of the launch Prüfstand VII, and was used to monitor the launch of rockets V-2, the most sophisticated military missiles of the Second world war. With regard to the video recording, the prototype of a recorder on magnetic tape was developed in 1952 by Ampex developed prototype video recorder to tape using a rotating nozzle and a belt that was moving relatively slowly. At the beginning of 1956, Ampex demonstrated the VR-1000, the first in the series of recording on a video tape 2-inch Quadruplex (4 tracks). The first television broadcast magnetically-recorded and broadcast on a delayed basis using the new recording system Ampex was "Douglas Edwards and the News", a program of the CBS, the November 30, 1956.


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