Table football field table football folding toys salvspazio bedroom

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Football entirely of wood, folded vertically when not in use.
Table football by a special structure designed to allow it to be positioned vertically in order to minimize the footprint when not in use.
The special legs of the L , guarantee to Football to remain firmly in place even when in the vertical position.
In addition, the Table Football, in order to facilitate the movement when in a vertical, uses a sliding system on the floor on rubber wheels.
In order to have the game plan always in the perfect plan on any type of floor, install two level regulators on the legs, adjustable independently of one another.
The Foosball CELTIC is the perfect solution for those who want a football table in the house, but that when not used to occupy as little space as possible.
The foosball installs on each leg of the level regulators, independently adjustable, so as to facilitate the perfect mass in the plane of the table.
Installs two scoreboards on each side of the game.

Data Sheet

Accessories 3 balls, 2 marker
  2 years
Weight 29 Kg
Length 123 cm
Width 63 cm
Height 82 cm
Height in Vertical 158 cm
Dimension in the vertical H 158 cm x L 130 cm x d 60 cm
Diameter Rods 13 mm
Material Auctions Steel rods chrome plated
Knobs Soft rubber
Material Field Game Field of game in MDF, with sliding surface of balls covered by the polymeric resin of the hard and transparent
Corners Field Game The corners turned up.
Material Mobile Rugged wood cabinet melamine MDF coated with melamine.
Legs Material Wood melamine MDF covered with laminate): melamine
Adjustable Feet 2-pin adjustable independently of one another, for the mass in the bubble of the table.
Balls 3
Recovery Balls Retrieving balls from 2 portholes behind the doors
Thick Rods 1.6 mm
Thickness Mobile 16 mm
Type Of Auctions Auctions outgoing
Shock Absorber Rods Steel springs, chrome-plated
Mounting Table The mounting of the table is very simple and does not require professional installers. The table is provided with manual of installation instructions, accompanied by related images. All of the keys and bolts necessary for the assembly are supplied with the table.