Thermal mesh technical sport sweatband breathable hunting man outdoor

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✅ Thermal shirt

✅ seamless in stretch fabric,

✅ with thermoregulatory and anti-friction action

✅ model with half zip on the neck.

✅ The thermal underwear is designed to absorb moisture,

✅. It works like our skin, which expels heat and moisture through the pores.

✅ How to wash thermal underwear: Machine wash To avoid damaging these garments, which can be very expensive, you need to know how to properly wash thermal underwear in the washing machine.

✅ There are several important recommendations to follow.

✅ Washing program

✅ It should only be washed with a gentle wash. Otherwise, the product not only loses its original shape, but also all its properties.

✅ Gentle mode preserves them. Water temperature The temperature must not exceed 40 °.

✅ Water that is too hot negatively affects the properties of the fabric (eg microfiber), which stretches and deforms.

✅ Detergent Choose not an ordinary detergent, but a specific one.

✅ It not only prevents the fabric from stretching, but also facilitates washing. The price may be different - it depends on the company and the volume.

✅ Centrifuge If you want to properly preserve the thermal properties, it is better not to use the centrifuge.