kit 3 cover frame, the facial cotton

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Cover frame facial made tessutoSuperBandmaster + SuperBerna 100% Cotton

The mask consists of two layers of fabric SuperBandmaster + SuperBerna 100% Cotton
Fabric: SuperBandmaster (See technical annex A)
Size: 180X200mm
Weight: 210 gr
Closure: elastic straps rear 210 mm
Size: one size
Definition and characteristics
The device is washable and sterilizable (see maintenance instructions) for the purpose of ensuring a
of the respiratory tract. Are worn on the face, covering the mouth and nose.
to cover
Intended use
Our model of mask is suitable for the staff of companies in general, for personnel working in
public and private environments to protect from external agents, to cancel the release of dust and fibers and protect
from sprays and splashes. In particular, our mask is particularly indicated for all those operations
in need of protection from spray and splashes in the part of the face relative to the respiratory system.
Thanks to the technology of the fabric used, the breathing resistance remains low, and the breathing does not
it is hindered by the particles, even in the case of repeated use of the mask.
Reusable through a specific cleaning and possible sterilization (see maintenance instructions), latex
Features: Excellent fit - Made of technical fabric that is reusable - very Good breathing capability - no fibers
glass - Adapter nasal nose clip elastic, washable and sterilizable, conformable and coated - Good
tensile strength s ia longitudinal cross-sectional
– Good Resistance to water column
Ultra-lightweight - Hypoallergenic - very Low flash point (burns in contact with the flame and tends to shut down)
- Good lamination - Low electrostatic, Good porosity the air - Excellent resistance to penetration
salt water and alcohol. Color: blue.
The mask is stitched to the sides: it does not contain therefore, the adhesives often responsible for irritation to the skin.
The inner layer (inner-facing) contact with the nose, the mouth, made a suitably soft, improves the
comfort, while the fibers of which it is composed, avoid the maceration that the irritation.
Hake, soft elastic, makes the mask conformable to the face without traumatizzarne the contours.
The laces are long (21 cm) and ipoallergici ensure a seal without sagging.